We are here to meet your color/shade and appearance needs for your products.  For that purpose, we offer:

  • Color Audits – compare the equipment, dyes, OBAs, and methods in use to best products and practices and provide a summary report listing areas that are in good shape and others which can be either improved or optimized.  This is an overview of areas that do and do not need attention.
  • Color Vision Testing – using the Munsell-Farnsworth color vision assessment tool, we provide verification of great, good, average, or poor color discrimination for mill personnel who make color decisions, e.g. dye corrections and ship/no ship calls.
  • Laboratory Color (also called Shade for white papers) Instruments and Practices -evaluation.  Having worked with most of the manufacturers of laboratory spectrophotometers, we are familiar with how they work, how they should be calibrated and used, and what can go wrong with either the equipment or the measurement process (e.g. not enough plies measured, and the backing plate influences the reported product color).  We can work through issues directly with the mill and/or act as a knowledgeable intermediary to fix problems.
  • On-line Color Measurement and Control – with a wealth of experience working with ABB on the first color measurement/control systems in the North America, we understand how these systems are supposed to work and what problems can occur (both common ones and hard-to-find ones).  We can step in and work with you and your dye supplier to make your on-line color system work well (and justify the money spent).

A good working on-line color measurement and control system pays for itself quickly in broke and grade-change time reductions.

  • Color Training – having worked in the “trenches” for many years making multiple grades of paper to which OBAs and/or colorants (dyes and pigments) are added, we appreciate that tools are only valuable if they are used and properly applied by operators.  We provide training either in the classroom, on the machine floor, or both in order to make your operation a success.
  • Brightness/Fluorescence/Whiteness – having lived these issues in-depth since 2005, we are well-versed in the standards (TAPPI and ISO) for measuring each property and the purchase, setup, and maintenance of the correct, best equipment for doing each.  We also offer seminars on these key properties for the manufacture of white papers and paperboard.
  • Color Best Practices Development – every mill and indeed every paper machine is different.  There are common practices, though, which when followed routinely result in much improved communication and production results.  These are the practices that we want to bring to your mill and to help implement.
  • Unique Color Situations – those conditions which are unique to each machine are identified, captured in writing, communicated, and put into best practice for that machine.
  • Dye and OBA Selection – having dealt with all of the U.S. dye companies, we can make recommendations on dye and OBA selection and shade formulation.
  • Shade Matching – to match a shade for certain often requires laboratory handsheet work to verify that the dyes chosen will produce the desired color/shade with little to no metamerism.  We have done this type of work for many years and offer this as well as a service.
  • Dye and OBA Delivery Systems – with experience at multiple mills in the US and globally making white and colored papers with bleached and unbleached furnish, we have helped design numerous dye delivery systems.  Our current recommendations are an amalgam of experience gained in nearly 30 years of working with dyes and OBAs.  The system recommendations that we make are simple, robust, and easy to service.  Oh, and they are state-of-the-art for performance.
  • Color Integration – with a wealth of connections to equipment manufacturers, dye and OBA suppliers, and control experts, we offer you what no one else truly can – Color Solutions.  If we need something to make your project work or to optimize your operations beyond what we can directly provide as Crable Engineering LLC, then we will coordinate the necessary resources to make everything work and work well.