“Mark is obviously an expert in all aspects of coloration, from dye and whitener selection and application to DCS measurement and control. He was very knowledgeable and a key resource on our project transitioning a large white paper machine to a colored paper machine. Mark was dedicated and hard working, and he brought us quality information and creative solutions every step of the way. His contributions to the project were invaluable, and I am certain he will be an asset to anyone looking to optimize their coloration strategies.”

James Craig
Process Engineer
International Paper

“Mark has been an invaluable asset to our company. His highly technical skills regarding color and appearance have helped International Paper significantly reduce production costs, and at the same time ensure that we have a consistent product shipping out of multiple facilities. In addition to his technical knowledge, Mark’s ability to communicate his knowledge effectively and teach others (like myself) has excelled throughout the time that I’ve known him. I would recommend him highly for any and all positions.”

Christopher Marshall
Product Development Program Coordinator
International Paper

“Mark is an expert in his technical field and has a very professional and organized approach to his work.”

Alec Tindal
Managing Director
Makowhiteness Ltd

“Mark Crable is an exceptionally talented individual with strong skill sets in both designing paper opticals and on-line gauging systems. Mark has excellent communication skills and has shown on many occasions his ability to quickly implement lab findings directly to commercial production at the lowest cost possible.”

Andy Anderson
International Paper

“Mark is an excellent company contributor. His knowledge of color technology is superior. He relates to all levels of employee contributors with excellent technical competency and interpersonal relationships. He possesses good communication skills and project management acumen. He respects the leadership and authority of others while demonstrating and displaying it in kind.”

Diane Blednick
Marketing Product Development Manager – Writing, Text and Cover
International Paper

“It has been a privilege to work with and get to know Mark. He has been one of the most knowledgeable, conscientious and trustworthy individuals I have worked with. His ability to comprehend and problem-solve processes has made him stand out as a contributor. Mark’s well-rounded skill set makes him a real find.”

Benny Skaggs
Senior Research Project Engineer
International Paper

“Mark is a great volunteer who not only played a key role in many of TAPPI’s committees over the years but did so in a way that was truly valuable for his employer and TAPPI.”

Eric Fletty
Vice President Operations