The most important project is the one which makes your mill or operation
more productive and improves your financial situation.

Following are a few of the projects on which we have worked:

1985 through Present:

– Introduction of the AccuRay Color Measurement and Color Control system into the North American marketplace as a standard part of the AccuRay (now ABB) portfolio of products. We continue to tune and optimize ABB color systems in paper mills, worldwide.

– A few of the color systems which we have setup, tuned, or improved in operation: Simpson Miquon, PA (the first); Strathmore Paper Turners Falls, Millers Falls, and Woronoco, MA; SD Warren Westbrook, ME (now a SAPPI mill); Australia Pulp & Paper Mills (APPM) Shoalhaven, NSW, Australia; Boise St. Helens, OR; Hammermill Paper Erie, PA; International Paper Mobile, AL, Lock Haven, PA, Inverurie, Scotland, Saillat, France, Franklin, VA, Bastrop, LA, Georgetown, SC; Mirimichi Paper New Brunswick, Canada; Fletcher Challenge Paper (now Catalyst) Crofton, BC, Canada.

– Selection and implementation of the international standard instrument for shade and appearance properties within International Paper: the Datacolor/L&W Elrepho in 2000. This instrument is still the one used in nearly all International Paper mills making fine papers.

– Improvement in operations at the International Paper Thilmany mill in Kaukauna, WI as relates to all aspects of color and appearance of the products. This included improvements made to the Measurex color measurement and control system.

– The 2005 introduction of CIE Whiteness to the North American white papers marketplace.

– Improvements in the Metso color measurement and control systems.

– Increase in CIE Whiteness in North America from the then standard of 100 CIE Whiteness to the present levels of 146, 153, and 161 CIE Whiteness.