Our firm is an association of the strongest, most knowledgeable individuals and companies in the color business. We work with multiple dye, colored pigment, and OBA suppliers, dye pump manufacturers, OBA & dye delivery system vendors, and others to bring you the best options for YOUR business. If we do not have a solution at hand, we will work with you and our network of color specialists to provide one quickly and cost-effectively.

It is most important to us that your business is sound and solid for years to come, and we will partner with you to assure that in every way that we can. When you depend on us, we depend upon you. Our reputation as a quality supplier of goods and services is OUR strongest asset. We are looking for long-term relationships with our customers. This does not mean that we will not fix an issue or fill a need quickly; what it does mean is that we want you to think of Crable Engineering first when you have a color project, problem, or even a question.

We look forward to meeting you soon!